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Employee Spotlight: Suzanne Antonakes

Senior Technical Product Manager, Suzanne Antonakes, joined Financial Recovery Technologies five years ago intending to make a big impact at a then small company. Having received her MBA from Boston College and working in financial firms throughout her career, she brings a vast knowledge of business analysis and project management processes to the teams she supports at FRT.

1. What are your top priorities?

Right now, I’m straddling two different teams splitting my time 50/50. I’m a Business Analyst on the Product Delivery team and since February, I’ve been supporting the client onboarding process on the Operations team. With both groups, the top priority is improving data ingest for our clients. Whether this means inputting clients’ data into the system with the onboarding team or working with the development team on data ingest enhancements, we are constantly striving to improve these areas for the best experience for our clients.

2. What does your typical day look like?

Like many colleagues, I balance my days between internal meetings, client meetings, and managing my own projects. With both the Operations and Product team, my work is project-based. For instance, right now I’m focused on data ingest and data quality tools for a large global investment management client. I start every day checking my emails to see if are any urgent tasks that need immediate attention then begin working on my projects. My job requires a lot of multitasking.

3.What brought you to FRT and what keeps you here?

I was told about FRT by a former colleague who I had worked with previously. I always worked for large companies, so this was my first opportunity to work at a smaller organization. I think at the time, I was employee number 42 and having my hands in different aspects of the business was appealing. At the time, FRT had ambitious growth goals that, based on where they were in maturity, would mean a lot of opportunities for me to help shape teams. In fact, when I first started, we didn’t have QA department and there were very few traditional developers. I knew that in that area alone, working with the lead developer would be important to be able to formulate product project teams to allow us to get into a typical product delivery lifecycle.
Five years later, I can still be involved in a lot of different areas of the business and contribute in various ways. I still learn a lot, especially now because the work that goes into the buildout of the onboarding team is very engaging. I feel like I can do things that make a difference.

4. What is FRT doing to ensure they are adapting to the changing landscape of the class action industry while continuing to meet the needs of current and future clients?

Particularly in the last couple of years, we’ve rolled out several new products to meet the changing needs of both the shareholder litigation landscape and clients’ needs. The products that we’ve rolled out and the different types of clients that we can help support due to that is what keeps FRT on the cutting edge. Also, our legal team, with the ways in which they understand the various global landscapes has helped us become a strong player with more sophisticated clients. Having that competitive advantage with our teams, who are so knowledgeable about what’s happening in the global markets, positions us as a leader in our field.

5. What is your biggest achievement to date at FRT?

In general, it my biggest achievement is supporting the various operational groups within the organization. Whether it is exploring how we can leverage technology for increased automation or just rolling up my sleeves and helping get the work done. At the end of the day, I know the work I’m doing is moving the company forward and providing a superior client experience.

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