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FRT Insights
Case Update: PG&E Bankruptcy, A Non-Standard Recovery Effort
PG&E Bankruptcy recovery efforts continues to drag through the bankruptcy court. Since our last update, debtors started making...
FRT Insights
Securities Class Actions Settlements and SEC Fair Funds: What’s the Difference?
Securities class action settlements and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Fair Funds look similar. Both involve compensation to...
FRT Fast Five Industry News
FRT’s Fast Five: Week Ending October 14, 2022
Financial Recovery Technologies Fast Five provides you with the top news in shareholder class actions. Stay up-to-date on the latest...
Industry News
Securities Class Action Cases: Quarterly Disbursed Claims – Q3-2022
In Q3-2022, over $1.680 billion of settlement funds were distributed across 35 settlements. Over $1.057 billion of settlement funds were...

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FRT Insights
Australian Claimants Registering Late May Get Shut Out
Don't be tardy to the party. When it comes to Australian securities class actions, there is no such thing as being fashionably...
Success Story
FRT successfully challenges a client’s initial “Ineligible Security” rejection from the administrator
FRT Success: As part of FRT’s process, we review deficiencies and challenge claims administrators when we believe they have...