Passive Group Recovery Service Benefits

Turn an administrative burden into maximum returns
Save Time & Resources

Save Time & Resources

With automated filing and recovery in passive group litigation class actions cases, replacing a complex and resource-intensive administrative process.
Maximize Recoveries

Maximize Recoveries

Don’t miss out on the 65 percent of available funds - totaling billions of dollars - that go unclaimed due to missed opportunities every year.
Meet Your Fiduciary Responsibilities

Meet Your Fiduciary Responsibilities

Keep up to date on lawsuits in passive and low-risk jurisdictions outside North America, involving investments you make on behalf of your clients.
Mitigate Errors

Mitigate Errors

Common errors and omissions mean many investors fail to or improperly file claims manually, resulting in 1/3 of claims being dismissed before settlement.

Client Portal

Get a consolidated and transparent view into your firm’s class action eligibility, filing, and recovery status, across the full claims management lifecycle.

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An Automated Process For Passive Group Litigation Recovery

  1. Scour industry data sources to identify all cases and to ensure that every possible filing can be made
  2. Analyze, format and match your trading history against FRT’s proprietary database to ensure that all relevant matches are evaluated against open class action cases and that filings are properly prepared
  3. Prepare and submit filings to claims administrators and conduct pre-filing analysis on behalf of our customers
  4. Recover funds, verify accuracy and remit funds to our clients
  5. Provide detailed distribution reports that provide a complete accounting and audit trail Provide detailed distribution reports that provide a complete accounting and audit trail
Group Action factsheet

What We Do

Securities Class Actions
Automated solution to identify eligibility, file claims, and collect funds in North American securities class action settlements
Global Opt-In
Monitoring and unbiased legal support for non-US litigation requiring an informed participation decision
Monitoring, in-depth global case insight, and recovery assistance into Antitrust, Commodity Exchange Act and other non-securities litigations
Insight and in-depth case analysis into strategic US opt-out cases
Claims Monetization
Monetize the value of a liquidating fund's outstanding and future claims by allowing FRT to purchase the rights

Who We help

Asset Managers
Streamline and automate your claims monitoring and recovery program
Asset Owners
Simplify global claims recovery
Hedge Funds
Maximize your class action recovery
Wealth Managers
Automate recovery, conserve resources, and grow clients
Meet your clients’ strategic governance goals