Global Class Action Recovery Solutions

Our technology-led class action solutions are designed to meet the changing needs of investors in a complex class action landscape.
Securities Class Actions
Automated solution to identify eligibility, file claims, and collect funds in North American securities class action settlements
Global Opt-In
Monitoring and unbiased legal support for non-US litigation requiring an informed participation decision
Monitoring, in-depth global case insight, and recovery assistance into Antitrust, Commodity Exchange Act and other non-securities litigations
Case support, facilitation, and recovery in low-risk jurisdictions outside of North America including Australia, Dutch Foundations in the Netherlands, UK Compensation Schemes
Insight and in-depth case analysis into strategic US opt-out cases
Claims Monetization
Monetize the value of a liquidating fund's outstanding and future claims by allowing FRT to purchase the rights

Client Portal

Get a consolidated and transparent view into your firm’s Class Action eligibility, filing, and recovery status, across the full claims management lifecycle.

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