Employee Spotlight: Jurgen Fataj

Jurgen Fataj is a Database Developer at Financial Recovery Technologies. With a background in computer science working across technology systems, requirements and datasets, Jurgen plays a vital role in the development and implementation of FRT’s products that process and present data in ways that are secure, efficient and valuable to our internal or external users.

What are your top priorities?

My top priority is to provide database expertise in FRT’s product development process. It is essential that we have the right set of tools to serve our clients efficiently and accurately through the growing complexities of shareholder litigation. I interact daily with the Product team to discuss business requirements and support other developers with implementation and any database challenges that may arise. My focus is to understand the design of our Database Architecture and be an expert on how we use data. The database perspective is needed in nearly all our initiatives as we strive to provide our clients with the tools to retrieve information that is easily accessible and transparent of the overall process.

What does your typical day look like?

Most of my tasks are around FRT’s database requirements. I spend a lot of time reviewing product requirements, working on shorter implementation tasks for our database application releases, ongoing database support, monitoring, and reporting.

What brought you to FRT and what keeps you here?

I came to FRT soon after I graduated and moved to Boston. At the time, FRT was rapidly growing and looking to build out its Data Analysis team. It amazes me because even after five years that feeling of growth has not changed. I remember how natural the interview process felt and excited everyone was to meet me. That part of FRT speaks loudly to the kind of people we have here and what makes up the open, friendly and collegial environment. The work environment is the main reason that keeps me here, but also a tremendous contribution to our growth.

What is FRT doing to ensure they are adapting to the changing landscape of the class action industry while continuing to meet the needs of current and future clients?

FRT is a problem solver. When they see a need for our clients, they act because it matters. The drive to think outside of the box, think critically and be creative will continue to enable FRT to adapt to whatever challenges present themselves. The diversity of everyone’s background empowers the company to tackle the interdisciplinary space that we face in an innovative way and constantly improving as the field is growing in complexity and so are our client’s needs.

What is your biggest achievement to date at FRT?

My biggest achievement at FRT is contributing to our collegial culture. I interact with people from different teams every day and make their challenges my problems where has bettered my career to the point where I understand what the different groups do and what problems can be solved. Due to the way we use technology to process and analyze data at FRT, recognizing the gaps and links becomes even more critical.

How do you define success?

Success for me is about balance. It is the feeling of accomplishment from my daily responsibilities to also having the freedom to identify a problem and do something else.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned during your tenure at FRT?

Success is a “war that you fight in all fronts.” As I come up on my fifth year at FRT, the way the company has grown in so many different directions is a testament to our success and the vision of our leadership team. Growth does not happen overnight, but at FRT, we have outrun it, taking all the steps today to get to our goals of tomorrow.

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