Employee Spotlight: Andrew Lasky

By: Samantha Blumsack, Marketing Intern, Financial Recovery Technologies

Andrew Lasky is a Legal Product Specialist for Financial Recovery Technologies, helping to manage two of FRT’s services geared toward global group litigations and antitrust, non-securities-based class actions.

What are your top priorities and biggest challenges?

Coming to FRT, I have been able to leverage the skills I gained from working in litigating and for research platforms to grow FRT’s global group litigation and antitrust products. I joined FRT with a writing and product based background, which has helped me develop FRT’s ancillary products to where they are now – as an essential part of our comprehensive monitoring and claims filing services. It is without a doubt that these products are going to continue to develop as FRT and the securities class action industry grows and evolves. Antitrust and global group litigation cases are very complex and newer to the industry. Changing the company’s perspective on these products, as well as our client’s focus on non-U.S. litigation and antitrust cases, has been astronomical, it is my goal to instill into our clients that this is something that’s not just important, but their obligation to get involved in.

What does your typical workday look like?

One of the best parts of working on the legal team at FRT is that no two days are the same. Sometimes my work is more client based, talking clients through their concerns and educating them on the nuances of each respective case or filing. The $2.3B Forex antitrust case is a perfect example, as antitrust cases involve different instruments, class criteria, filing techniques, etc. than the standard U.S. securities filings. Other days are more focused on product development, asking and solving questions like ‘Where do we need this product to go so we can cover as many people as it needs to cover? How can we scale this product from something it was initially, to where it needs to be now?’ I was speaking with one of my colleagues on the development team and he felt as though I had ten jobs at FRT, and that’s just the nature of being on the legal team. It’s certainly never boring.

What is something that most people would not know about you?

Something a lot of people don’t know about me is that I am a twin. In the most positive way, the constant competition between the two of us growing up developed my strong work ethic and determined nature. It has instilled truly valuable lessons that have helped me get to where I am today. I always strive to do more, learn more, and be more involved in FRT. It’s not about recognition, but about throwing yourself all into something; to me, I will always feel like I’m competing with somebody right next to me, so I want to do the best that I can possibly do.

If you woke up with 2,000 emails, and could only answer 200, how would choose which ones to answer?

One of the biggest mantras at FRT and something that I take very seriously when addressing issues like this is ‘The client’s needs always come first’. If out of 2,000 of those emails, 200 of them are very client-specific, those must be addressed. At the end of the day, that’s who we’re here to support. One of the greatest aspects of FRT is that I never feel unsupported. I have the utmost confidence in my colleagues, and knowing that they would jump through hoops to address those outstanding emails is not something that I take for granted. There are certainly very compartmentalized companies out there and certain industries that operate in siloes, but FRT is a very special place to work; knowing that I feel comfortable that the emails and issues I didn’t get to respond to will be addressed by a fellow colleague is a surety that I’m certain other companies could not provide.

What is FRT doing to ensure they are adapting to the changing landscape of the class action industry while continuing to meet the needs of current and future clients?

FRT does a terrific job staying abreast of the evolutions and changes taking place in the market. The global group litigation landscape has evolved exponentially since I joined FRT a little over a year ago; not only in the expansion to new markets and jurisdictions but how the countries actually litigate these types of actions has evolved. FRT is very hands-on in each of the markets across all the different jurisdictions, and are constantly talking with experts, lawyers, and litigation funders to ensure we are fully cognizant of all the changes that are taking place. In the antitrust landscape, we are constantly evaluating how we service the product. Our ability to adapt quickly and effectively allows us to service not only our existing clients but any potential clients, in a better way than a lot of our competitors. Understanding where the confusion lies, and approaching these products from a client’s perspective has really given us the ability to grow.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned during your tenure at FRT?

I think the most valuable lesson that I have learned is that you have to adapt in order to stay relevant. Ultimately, it stems from the nature of the industry that we work in. Everything is changing, and it’s changing constantly. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, what was true last week is not going to be true today. Not only as an individual, or as a team, but as a company. It is important to perform evaluations on an ongoing basis. Ask yourself, where is the industry at now, where do we think it’s going to be in the next five to ten years and how can we adapt to that.

What is one piece of advice that has changed your professional career?

Ask questions. Never assume you might know something, and never feel afraid to ask if you don’t know. When I joined FRT, I knew absolutely nothing about the Australian Class Action landscape. Little did I know then that we’d grow to be involved across almost 20 jurisdictions. Amongst that and everything else from domestic and antitrust, it’s important to know that you’re not going to know everything. Having an openness and a willingness to learn is the best thing I can recommend for anyone looking to get into this space.

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