Employee Spotlight: Shyanika Benimadhu

Shyanika Benimadhu is FRT’s Head of Business Development based in London, England. Hailing from Mauritius, Shy brings an incredible depth of knowledge in the field of business development and strategy. Having graduated from the University of Cambridge with a master’s in economics and completing a management course at Wharton, Shy eventually joined FRT to open the United Kingdom office. Currently, Shy wears many hats establishing FRT’s presence in EMEA, however, her focus is leading and developing relationships with partners and custodian bank clients while understanding the evolution of our clients and the market.

1. What brought you to FRT & what keeps you here?

I had colleagues who worked at FRT and they told me how great it was. They said it was a technology company that was growing very quickly. I was given an opportunity, alongside another colleague, to establish the business in Europe and I thought that would be a pretty exciting project, so I took on the role and ever since then it has been an amazing challenge. It is very rewarding and exciting to see how our European client base has grown since opening the office back in April 2018 and being able to play a role in building out the operations within our London office.

2. What are your top priorities and biggest challenges at FRT?

Our biggest priority is continuing to build our brand and grow our business in EMEA. Another priority, but also a challenge, that comes with growth is making sure we have the right resources – i.e. we are well staffed to be able to service our clients and deliver the results they expect. We want to make sure we get that right and everything else follows suit. Being a small team and seeing tremendous client growth is a challenge, albeit a good one to have.

3. What does your typical work day look like?

There really is no “typical day” for us because I travel quite a lot to meet with existing clients and prospects. I also attend conferences and other marketing events on behalf of FRT. On the days that I’m in the office, I’ll check emails, touch base with clients and prospects, scour the news to see what’s happening in the market, and catch up with the teams, both in London and Boston, to see where we are in terms of projects coming through the pipeline. I primarily work with three different teams at FRT and, due to the time difference, I only have about three hours to check in and make sure we’re all on the same page, so I take advantage of that time I have with them.

4. What is FRT doing to ensure that they’re adapting to the changing landscape of class action recovery industries while continuing to meet the needs of our current and future clients?

FRT continues to stay ahead of the curve and does a great job at anticipating future market developments. Our teams are aware of market changes and ensure our products and services cater to the present and future state of the industry. Because the landscape is constantly evolving, one of the trends we noticed a few years ago was many of our pension clients were opting out of U.S. Class Actions. This led to the creation and roll out of our Opt-Out Monitoring Solution to support clients with those decisions. Another milestone to highlight is building out our international operations which has been extremely important to FRT as we continue to grow in EMEA & APAC.

5. How do you define success?

Success is having a thriving business and for FRT, not only in Europe, but globally, as well. Also, it is important to have a highly functioning team all striving toward the same goal. You can’t grow a business with unhappy employees, and you can’t be successful if your business isn’t growing.

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