Three Essential Guides for a Comprehensive Class Action Recovery Strategy to Download for 2019

The world of class actions has evolved dramatically over the last five years requiring investors to move beyond traditional U.S. securities litigation efforts to focus on damages from antitrust violations and non-U.S. jurisdictions.

2018 saw a record number of antitrust and non-U.S. group litigations including Forex, Petrobras, ISDAfix, and Fortis.

As you prepare for 2019, here are three guides outlining each stage of the recovery process for U.S. Claims Filing, Antitrust and Global Group Litigation to help you evaluate your existing governance, controls, and protocols to maximize your recovery efforts:

A Primer on Shareholder Class Action

Shareholder class action claims filing is complex, resource-intensive and time-consuming. As a result, many investors fail to file or improperly file their claims, resulting in missed opportunities.

Learn how outsourcing this function has become an option for turning this administrative burden into a competitive advantage.

A Primer on Antitrust Class Litigation

Because of the complexity of antitrust claims filing, some investors determine it is too expensive to pursue on their own. Similarly, the risks associated with the data required in antitrust class actions have resulted in custodians opting out of filing for these types of non-securities cases on their clients behalf.

Learn how outsourcing your antitrust class actions can save time, reduce risk, and maximize your recoveries to add real value back to your firm.

A Primer on Global Group Litigation

Over the past 10 years, global group litigation matters have not only increased in terms of cases and active jurisdictions, but have also evolved in terms of complexity and the degree of information necessary to make an informed participation decision. The changing dynamics are complicating the participation analysis.

Learn how the global group litigation landscape is slowly shifting to mirror those of U.S. passive claims filing and how to integrate global policies to fulfill fiduciary responsibilities.


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