Unbiased analysis into Global Shareholder Litigations

How are you navigating the complex global securities litigation landscape? How are you weighing risks and opportunities in each jurisdiction?

In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court decided in Morrison V. National Australia Bank that international claims must now be filed in the court system in their country of origin. That decision has significantly complicated the landscape of international claims recovery and will likely increase the number of group actions in jurisdictions that utilize a variety of legal mechanisms other than the traditional class action litigation.

FRT Global Group Litigation is designed to meet the growing demand for research and analysis on non-US settlement recovery opportunities by providing analysis and facilitation of potential recoveries from non-class action settlements for institutional investors.

Stay Informed of Every Global Opportunity

FRT’s global expertise and class action experience to help investors make informed participation decisions and support them throughout the joining process:

  • Alerts with detailed case information for all active non-U.S. jurisdictions from FRT’s proprietary monitoring service
  • Opportunity analysis detailing case eligibility and the required steps for each country and case organizer
  • Insight into the group actions in different jurisdictions and the local players involved
  • Case comparisons for actions with multiple competing organizers
  • Actionable unbiased analysis to help you make an informed decision on your participation
  • Access to FRT’s legal team for ongoing support and custom research

FRT's Opt-In Monitoring Process

FRT's Opt-In Monitoring service consists of a monitoring and research element paired with data analysis and participation support:


Monitor group litigation and settlement opportunities through our proprietary global network of litigation organizers and global case database


Identify recovery opportunities for which your firm is eligible based on normalized holding positions and trading data


FRT analyzes losses and damage calculations to help you make an independent decision regarding participation


FRT facilitates the case participation process and provides ongoing research and support


FRT monitors the status of the case and recovers funds

Recent Opt-In Shareholder Cases