FRT Insights – Quarterly Newsletter: July 2018

Last quarter, investors’ attention focused on preparing and filing for the Forex Antitrust Litigation – one of the largest ($2.3 billion) and most complex antitrust settlements and claims filing recovery opportunities to date. With more than 50 active antitrust matters and increased interest from investors in participating in global actions, fiduciaries have begun to view considering these cases an as an obligation to their clients.

This issue of FRT Insights focuses on the growing complexities of the global shareholder class action landscape.

What’s after Forex?

Another $850 million will be distributed after FOREX, and investors should not lose sight of the next two claim submission deadlines: ISDAfix on July 16 and Euribor on August 1.

Much like the FOREX matter, the complexities of ISDAfix and Euribor are challenging. However, they differ from FOREX in at least three important ways:

    • No constructed trade option – investors will need to submit their full trade details: For these two upcoming cases, claim forms are blank and class members must submit their full trade details by the deadlines
    • Potentially lower participation could lead to larger payouts as a percentage of losses: Investor participation may be lower for the next two matters given lower public awareness of them than FOREX and the lack of a constructed trades filing option for those unwilling to pull together their trading data. Lower participation could raise the percentage payouts for those that do file.
  • More manageable methodologies but still complex: The next two settlements involve more readily identifiable financial instruments than FOREX and the formulas for calculating eligible losses, while still complex, also appear easier to apply.

Stay informed of recovery opportunities from Antitrust class action litigations

As pioneers in Antitrust recovery, FRT has developed repeatable, controlled workflows designed especially for the purpose of handling unique antitrust cases:

  • Timely notifications of recovery opportunities from the FRT Antitrust pipeline.
  • Opportunity analysis detailing case eligibility, data mapping, transaction analysis, loss/damage calculations and the required steps for each opportunity
  • Knowledgeable legal and operations teams for pre-filing guidance, ongoing support, custom research and where possible, filing and recovery coordination
  • Access to FRT’s legal team for ongoing support and custom research

To learn more about FRT Antitrust, contact your FRT representative or email us.

Global Landscape Continues to Evolve in the Wake of Morrison Decision

Download our Global Group Litigation whitepaper to learn about the legal mechanisms used for handling group actions in eight different global jurisdictions.

Euribor Rate Manipulation 

Plaintiffs claim that the Defendants conspired and artificially directed the prices and payments of Euribor Products to financially benefit their derivatives positions.

Brambles | Australia
The organizers are currently investigating whether or not Brambles lacked a reasonable basis for its initial 2017 sales and profit guidance.

AMP Limited | Australia
AMP is being investigated for breach of continuous disclosure obligations, and misleading and deceptive conduct.

Australia is among the most active jurisdictions outside of the US and Canada. To date, class actions there have recovered more than $1.86 billion for investors.Most consider the UK the riskiest and most burdensome non-US jurisdiction for prosecuting securities claims. Outside of the U.S., Taiwan is the most active jurisdiction for securities cases, comprising roughly 50% of all non-U.S. and Canada matters.
Click here to download the Australia Jurisdiction ProfileClick here to download the UK Jurisdiction ProfileClick here to download the Taiwan Jurisdiction Profile

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