FRT Partnership Update: Citco Insights – January 2021

FRT is proud to be a strategic partner with Citco – empowering their clients with our industry-leading solutions to address the growing complexities of the global securities class action landscape, including large Antitrust cases and Non-U.S. matters.

As part of this partnership, we’re pleased to highlight some of Citco’s proprietary thought leadership to the broader FRT community each month:

IR 2020 review: Manager operations scrutinized through ESG lens
Emer McGuckin  I  Managing Director, Head of Investor Relations, Citco (Canada) Inc.  I  28 January 2021

Institutional investors continued to demand higher levels of transparency from managers throughout 2020 on their ESG principles, processes and procedures – a trend that accelerated during the pandemic and one that is here to stay in 2021. The increased presence of ESG factors in the investor relations process has been steadily gathering pace since 2019, but the effects of COVID-19 and its myriad of social responsibility and governance concerns have accelerated the process as we venture into 2021. Emer McGuckin, Managing Director, Investor Relations, Citco (Canada), looks at how manager operations are being scrutinized through the ESG lens.

2021: Time for the Asset Servicing industry to shine
Declan Quilligan  I  Head of Hedge Funds, Citco Fund Services (Ireland)

In an article with Asset Servicing Times, Declan Quilligan, Head of Hedge Funds, Citco Fund Services (Ireland), discusses the outlook for the asset servicing industry in 2021, focused on the increasing importance of data, creating centralized solutions for clients, as well as the growing need for secure portals to managers and investors alike.

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FRT is proud to partner with companies that deliver services and technology integrations that expand the value and capabilities of FRT’s comprehensive suite of services that help investors address the growing complexities of the global securities and shareholder class action landscape.

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