Financial Recovery Technologies Partners with Citco to Empower Their Clients with Industry-leading Shareholder Litigation Monitoring & Governance Solutions

As Global Head of Channels & Alliances, my goal is to strengthen FRT’s strategic direction specific to third-party organizations that share a similar vision and commitment to clients. As such, I am excited to announce that Citco has launched a strategic partnership program with FRT to empower their clients with our industry-leading solutions to address the growing complexities of the global securities class action landscape, including large Antitrust cases and Non-U.S. matters.

Citco can now provide its clients seamless access via its platform, to best-in-industry class action monitoring and recovery solutions. With FRT’s proactive monitoring and automated recovery solutions, clients can ensure their funds recover everything for which they are eligible while mitigating risk and operational burden.

This partnership comes at a time when global shareholder litigation is challenging the investment community to enhance their existing governance, controls, and protocols.

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I look forward to working with our partners to find new ways to create value in the marketplace focusing on cultivating strong relationships across fund administrators, custodians, prime brokers, technology platforms, and associations. These partnerships will build on top of Financial Recovery Technologies differentiators which include Innovation, Expertise, Technology and Operational Excellence.

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FRT is proud to partner with companies that deliver services and technology integrations that expand the value and capabilities of FRT’s comprehensive suite of services that helps investors address the growing complexities of the global securities and shareholder class action landscape.

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