FRT Antitrust

Identify, file claims and recover funds in Antitrust, Commodity Exchange Act and other non-securities litigation

FRT Antitrust helps clients maximize recoveries in non-securities class actions including those under federal antitrust laws, the Commodity Exchange Act, and other laws relevant to their business.

These cases arise out of anti-competitive behavior and/or market manipulation, often involving financial instruments or traded contracts (including commodities) other than stocks and bonds. They differ from securities class actions in that the cases themselves involve different bodies of law and different processes for recovery.

At FRT, we are actively monitoring dozens of non-securities cases including:


FRT Antitrust Process

  • Monitor proprietary channels for non-securities cases
  • Identify recovery opportunities to help make independent claims filing decisions
  • Notify clients when new cases are added and significant milestones, such as settlement, are reached.
  • Analyze losses and assess damages
  • File claims forms
  • Recover funds, verify accuracy and remit funds to client

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