Three Non-U.S. Passive Participation Opportunities to Keep on Your Radar

As we have previously discussed, when participating in securities litigation, most institutional investors prefer countries with jurisdiction risk profiles similar to the the U.S. whereby participation requires either a passive claims filings or passive registration process. Claimants have no responsibility for paying the attorney fees as are brought on a “no win, no fee basis” these jurisdictions carry no risk of adverse party (loser pays) cost shifting.

Q4 2018 saw an uptick of non-U.S. passive participation with five matters that had several features similar to U.S. class actions (read our blog here). The trend will only continue and here are three passive claim situations with upcoming registration deadlines to keep on your radar:

Settling DefendantsSettling Amount
BNP Paribas$4,500,000
Bank of America$6,500,000
Goldman Sachs$6,750,000
JPMorgan Chase$11,500,000
Royal Bank of Scotland$13,220,000
Standard Chartered$900,000
Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ$450,000
Société Générale$1,800,000
Morgan Stanley$2,300,000


The Morrison decision (2010) pushed many securities fraud cases overseas and has led to suits in more countries, dynamic legal developments in jurisdictions, more lawyers and funding sources and better outcomes and lower fees.

Overall, the landscape of these global matters is slowly shifting to mirror those of U.S. passive claims filing. It’s important for investors to understand the nuances of their trading in each jurisdiction in order for them begin to develop internal policies for foreign actions. In many cases, claims filing can be automated, as in the U.S., freeing up fiduciaries to focus more on higher-risk jurisdictions that require more direct involvement.


FRT’s global expertise and class action experience helps investors make informed participation decisions and support them throughout the joining process:

  • Alerts with detailed case information for all active non-U.S. jurisdictions from FRT’s proprietary monitoring service
  • Opportunity analysis detailing case eligibility and the required steps for each country and case organizer
  • Insight into the group actions in different jurisdictions and the local players involved
  • Case comparisons for actions with multiple competing organizers
  • Actionable unbiased analysis to help you make an informed decision on your participation
  • Access to FRT’s legal team for ongoing support and custom research

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