Securities Litigation Monitoring

In the increasingly complicated global class action landscape, monitoring and tracking litigation in the U.S. and internationally can be challenging

More and more, firms like pension and sovereign wealth funds desire to gain a deeper understanding of their losses in a particular security, opportunities to become a lead plaintiff in a group action, their options for opting out of a class action and pursuing private litigation, and ultimately analyze filing opportunities if no other actions are taken.

FRT’s Litigation Monitoring service is designed to be efficiently utilized by funds to provide comprehensive information in order to help them meet their fiduciary responsibilities and to make informed decisions about how to pursue securities litigation.

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FRT Litigation Monitoring Overview

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Fulfilling a Fiduciary Duty through Impartiality

Stay informed of securities litigation impacting your portfolio/investments

FRT Litigation Monitoring is efficiently designed to provide comprehensive information to help you meet your fiduciary responsibilities by evaluating your fund's exposure in every case and estimating your potential losses, pre-settlement.

  • Identify all newly-filed litigation and class action suits in which your firm may be a class member.
  • Notify your firm on a regular basis of new eligibility and changes to currently monitored cases.
  • Make a preliminary calculation of your firm’s economic losses based on Max Recovery Wash and Max Recovery P&L.
  • Monitor pending class action suits in which the fund may be eligible to be a class member and notify your firm when the damage calculations exceed your threshold

Comprehensive class action and settlement database

FRT compiles securities litigation and class action settlement information from a wide array of sources in order to identify and monitor every relevant case. The set of sources utilized has been carefully selected to provide redundancy in the system, ensuring that our data is as comprehensive as possible and include:

  • Feeds from third-party securities class action data providers
  • Notices directly from claims administrators
  • Tailored alerts generated by leading research tools
  • Security identification capabilities from respected financial data systems
  • Notices from plaintiff law firms
  • A variety of online content aggregation tools designed to identify relevant news trends on the web

Gain access to an intuitive tool and receive timely notifications

As part of the service, FRT will provide alert notifications and monitoring services that allow a fund to:

  • Access case information at your fingertips – from the filing of the lawsuit through the litigation lifecycle
  • Review opportunities to opt-out of the class and pursue additional recoveries through private litigation
  • View and customize your transaction and holding data timelines for internal analysis or presentations
  • Receive standard reports providing insight on eligibility, damages, claim status and remittance