Automate your Group Litigation Recovery in passive and low-risk jurisdictions

Every year, billions of dollars in settlement funds are distributed to eligible shareholders as a result of securities class action lawsuits.

Institutional investors hold fiduciary responsibility to keep up to date on lawsuits involving investments they made on behalf of their clients.

But, securities class action claims filing is complex and resource intensive. Errors and omissions frequently occur at each stage of the process. As a result, many institutional investors fail to file or improperly file their claims, resulting in nearly 1/3 of all claims being dismissed before a settlement can be reached. Each year, 65 percent of available funds, totaling billions of dollars, have gone unclaimed due to missed opportunities by institutional investors.

Financial Recovery Technologies’ class action services can manage the claims filing process from start to finish, ensuring that each step is efficiently handled by a team of securities class action experts. FRT’s recovery services turn the administrative burden of securities class actions into maximum returns for investors.

Advanced Technology and Expertise

Using an advanced recovery technology platform, expert processes, and experienced professionals, FRT will:

  • Identify all eligible security positions
  • Precisely calculate recognized loss
  • Handle payment to investors
  • Conduct disbursement audits
  • Perform all necessary client reports

FRT Group Litigation Process

FRT’s Group Litigation Recovery service automates participation and recovery in passive group actions


FRT proactively scours industry data sources to identify all cases and to ensure that every possible filing can be made


We analyze, format and match your trading history against our proprietary database to ensure that all relevant matches are evaluated against open class action cases and that filings are properly prepared


Prepare and submit filings to claims administrators and conduct pre-filing analysis on behalf of customers


Recover funds, verify accuracy and remit funds to client


FRT provides detailed distribution reports that provide a complete accounting and audit trail

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