FRT Direct provides institutional investors with the information necessary to pursue private litigation.

FRT Direct is an innovative service intended to help clients identify and evaluate claim recovery opportunities — beyond a passive claim filing.

Private shareholder litigation has proven to be a source of significant value for investors. Investors that were damaged in a particular case may not fully benefit from remaining a member of the class and passively filing a claim. Pursuing a private action may allow them to maximize their potential recovery, but opting out does not come without challenges: identifying and evaluating possible private actions, meeting a minimum loss threshold to participate or having the time and expertise needed to sift through a myriad of opportunities from dozens of law firms.

FRT Direct was created to help clients address these challenges and maximize their potential recovery while minimizing costs and hassles associated with engaging in private litigation. When eligible, FRT Direct clients will receive alerts about private litigation that is being organized. If you do not respond to an alert, FRT will take no action. There are no added costs and you can opt out of the program at any time.

FRT Direct is meant to be a source of information and a buffer between your firm and the plaintiff attorneys. FRT will never provide your name or information to anyone without your consent.

Benefits of FRT Direct:

  • Notification of proprietary opportunities and loss analysis provided
  • Better manage solicitation from plaintiffs attorneys
  • Reduced attorney fees and “most favored nation” rates
  • Interact with organizing law firms on your own terms
  • Reduced minimum loss threshold for participation
  • Increased recovery versus passive claim filing

FRT Direct Process


Partner with FRT to access timely insight to identify and participate in strategic opt-out, direct action litigation and appraisal right opportunities.