Three Reasons Why Wealth and Retail Investment Firms Should Care about Class Action Recovery

1. Securities litigation is on the rise

Last year, there were over hundreds of cases across 15+ jurisdictions with billions in settlement dollars. This money is rightfully owed to investors who were harmed during the class period, the time during which the securities violation took place. When a case settles, investors must file claims to receive their share of the settlement funds. Because claims filing is complex, resource-intensive and time-consuming, many claims go unfiled or are filed improperly each year, leaving money on the table for investors.

2. Wealth & Retail Industry is Transforming

At the same time, several key trends are transforming the financial services landscape, particularly the wealth and retail space. Record levels of merger and acquisition activity, are shaking up the industry and creating disruption. There are more business models than ever before for financial advisors to choose from, spanning wirehouses, independent broker-dealers, RIAs and hybrid models, among others. Regulatory developments, such as Regulation Best Interest and the SEC’s proxy guidance, are redefining fiduciary standards and heightening accountability to investors. And greater adoption of technology puts continued pressure on firms to innovate, achieve efficiencies, and differentiate themselves.

3. Clients are Demanding More Value-Added Services

Today’s clients and prospects are demanding more value-add services. Scrutiny from both clients and regulators is high, and advisors and support teams are demanding more operational efficiency and back-office support. Based on market dynamics and the competitive nature of the advisory business, there is an opportunity for forward-thinking organizations to reap many benefits by implementing a proactive class action recovery solution.

Our latest whitepaper How Investment Firms Can Make Class Action Recovery A Competitive Advantage explores how organizations can turn what has historically been a pain point (claims filing) into a value-added opportunity. By implementing a focused recovery solution, wealth and retail firms can demonstrate proactive governance and build a better client experience…all while returning money to individual investors. It’s a win-win for firms and their clients.


About FRT AccountWatch

FRT AccountWatch is a purpose-built governance program that empowers wealth and retail investment firms to protect their clients’ best interest regarding securities class action recoveries. Using FRT’s automated recovery solution that over 800 clients rely on, AccountWatch monitors cases, identifies eligibility, handles all filing requirements and streamlines settlement remittances to ensure investors can recover everything legally entitled to them.

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