FRT Future Claims Recovery

Monetize the value of a liquidating fund’s class action claims Solutions & Services

Realize value today for settlement recoveries that may pay out in the distant future

FRT's Future Claims Recovery service helps firms manage their liquidating fund’s securities class action claims. Your fund is able to realize value in the present for settlement recoveries that may never materialize or take years to disburse.

  • Receive cash by selling the rights to class action claims
  • Save the fund from the burden that future recoveries can present for a closed fund
  • Benefit shareholders by delivering real value for unrealized potential future recoveries

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FRT Future Claims Recovery Overview

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A Primer on Future Claims Recovery

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Offload the operational burden from receiving class action recoveries in the future

Sell off your current and future class action claims recoveries:

  • Efficiently wind down the fund and return maximum capital to your LP’s
  • Monetize the asset now with minimal work and no future obligations
  • Meet fiduciary responsibilities: Check the box should your clients ever ask what you did about future class action recoveries.

FRT's Future Claims Recovery Process

FRT's Future Claims Recovery service can be introduced as an option during fund opening process or in the event of fund closure:

  • At fund closure, trading data is provided to FRT
  • FRT analyzes data for current and future claims
  • FRT calculates and presents bid details
  • Client signs Asset Purchase Agreement & Authorization to file
  • Client receives payment for unrealized potential future recoveries to their shareholders

A Primer on Future Claims Recovery

Slide FRT's Future Claims Recovery Program Fund closures are a commonplace, yet it is an infrequently
examined subject. Funds shut down for a variety of
reasons; liquidation can be related to fixed-term funds
with designated termination dates, redemptions by large
investors, underperformance, or departures of key

Aside from the reasoning of the fund closure, the manager
and the fund’s directors are left with several important
tasks to fulfill. Not all fund closures are alike, therefore
understanding the various elements of a fund wind-down
have become a topic of importance to managers and

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