Securities Class Action Cases: Quarterly Disbursed Claims – Q4-2023

In Q4-2023, over $820 million settled and over $568 million was disbursed back to investors. For more information, contact your Financial Recovery Technologies representative or email us.

Top 5 Recently Settled Cases in Q4-2023 (based on settlement fund value)

  1. Rite Aid ($192.5m)
  2. Envision Healthcare ($177.5m)
  3. Alexion Pharmaceuticals ($125m)
  4. Allstate Corporation ($90m)
  5. LifeStance Health Group ($50m)

Top 3 Claims Admins in Q4-2023 (based on settlement fund value for settled cases)

  1. Gilardi & Co (3 Settled Cases = $407m)
  2. A.B. Data (8 Settled Cases = $193m)
  3. KCC (1 Settled Case = $125m)

Top 5 Disbursed Cases in Q4-2023 (based on settlement fund value)

  1. Mattel ($98m)
  2. Cognizant Technologies ($95m)
  3. Patterson Companies ($63m)
  4. CoreCivic ($56m)
  5. CBL Corp ($39.4m)

Q4-2023 Disbursed Cases

Disbursement DateCase NameClaim DeadlineSettlement Fund
10/04/2023SUPER MICRO COMPUTER INC Fair Fund09/18/2021$17,851,056.00
10/06/2023BLACKHAWK NETWORK HOLDINGS INC$29,500,000.00
10/06/2023AMTRUST FINANCIAL SERVICES INC12/13/2022$13,000,000.00
10/12/2023S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC Fair Fund11/09/2022$9,000,000.00
10/18/2023BOFI HOLDINGS, INC.,11/07/2022$14,100,000.00
10/18/2023PERFORMANCE SPORTS GROUP LTD.,11/14/2022$13,000,000.00
10/19/2023RCI HOSPITALITY HOLDINGS INC09/23/2022$2,200,000.00
10/25/2023ALTICE USA INC03/29/2022$4,750,000.00
10/26/2023COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS CORP,01/28/2022$95,000,000.00
11/01/2023PIVOTAL SOFTWARE INC11/07/2022$2,750,000.00
11/03/2023OVASCIENCE, INC.,08/22/2022$15,000,000.00
11/07/2023PATTERSON COMPANIES, INC.,05/25/2022$63,000,000.00
11/08/2023CBL Corp. Ltd. (LPF Group)$39,400,000.00
11/09/2023LOOP INDUSTRIES INC02/15/2023$3,100,000.00
11/24/2023EDUCATION REALTY TRUST INC06/15/2022$10,000,000.00
11/27/2023PROPETRO HOLDING CORP02/23/2023$30,000,000.00
11/29/2023VENATOR MATERIALS PLC10/17/2022$19,000,000.00
11/29/2023Covia Holdings Corporation, Fair Fund07/12/2022$1,000,000.00
12/01/2023HRG GROUP INC01/25/2022$7,250,000.00
12/05/2023TRITERRAS INC.,09/01/2022$9,000,000.00
12/11/2023PARETEUM CORP04/03/2023$5,650,000.00
12/11/2023GetSwift (Phi Finney)02/03/2022$1,500,000.00
12/13/2023SOS LIMITED11/08/2022$5,000,000.00
12/15/2023CHANGYOU COM LIMITED01/23/2023$1,075,000.00
12/18/2023CORECIVIC INC11/19/2021$56,000,000.00
12/20/2023EMC INSURANCE GROUP INC06/03/2023$1,650,000.00
12/21/2023INDIVIOR PLC12/07/2021$2,000,000.00
12/27/2023MATTEL INC06/08/2022$98,000,000.00


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