Securities Class Action Cases: Quarterly Disbursed Claims – Q3-2023

In Q3-2023, over $995 million settled and over $3.8 billion was disbursed back to investors. For more information, contact your Financial Recovery Technologies representative or email us.

Top 5 Recently Settled Cases in Q3-2023 (based on settlement fund value)

  1. Exelon Corporation ($173m)
  2. Rabobank ($101m)
  3. Libor-Based Financial Instruments ($90m)
  4. RBS Securities Fair Fund ($80.3m)
  5. Myriad Genetics ($77.5m)

Top 3 Claims Admins in Q3-2023 (based on settlement fund value for settled cases)

  1. Epiq (8 Settled Cases = $286.6m)
  2. Gilardi & Co (6 Settled Cases = $245m)
  3. A.B. Data (8 Settled Cases = $195.3m)

Top 5 Disbursed Cases in Q3-2023 (based on settlement fund value)

  1. Valeant Pharmaceuticals ($1.2b)
  2. Petrobras Fair Funds ($933.5m)
  3. Teva Pharmaceutical ($420m)
  4. Euroyen – Laydon v. Mizuho Bank ($206m)
  5. SIBOR ($155.5m)

Q3-2023 Disbursed Cases

Disbursement DateCase NameClaim DeadlineSettlement Fund
9/29/2023PETROBRAS Fair Fund2/28/2022$933,473,797.00
9/29/2023FIAT CHRYSLER AUTOMOBILES NV, Fair Fund1/9/2023$40,000,000.00
9/29/2023WELLCARE HEALTH PLANS INC Fair Fund6/4/2022$32,053,530.00
9/29/2023SANDRIDGE ENERGY, INC.8/19/2022$21,807,500.00
9/29/2023TESLA INC Fair Fund9/17/2022$20,000,000.00
9/29/2023GROUPON INC12/1/2022$13,500,000.00
9/28/2023FIAT CHRYSLER AUTOMOBILES Fair Fund6/4/2022$9,500,000.00
9/28/2023KRATON CORPORATION,3/27/2020$1,500,000.00
9/27/2023BANK OZK10/6/2022$45,000,000.00
9/26/2023FRIEDLAND Fair Fund6/6/2022$4,179,000.00
9/23/2023AMERICAN RE CAPITAL, Fair Fund11/15/2021$34,063,856.00
9/22/2023COVETRUS INC12/3/2022$35,000,000.00
9/21/2023YELP INC12/27/2022$22,250,000.00
9/15/2023MINDBODY INC9/27/2022$9,750,000.00
9/7/20232U INC10/29/2022$37,000,000.00
9/6/2023MILLER ENERGY RESOURCES, INC.,8/18/2022$35,000,000.00
9/6/2023AQUA METALS, INC.,1/18/2022$7,000,000.00
8/21/2023HEALTHCARE SERVICES GROUP INC2/7/2022$16,800,000.00
8/16/2023SCANA CORPORATION5/26/2022$63,000,000.00
8/16/2023Tower Research E-Mini DOJ DPA10/24/2022$32,600,000.00
8/10/2023EVOLENT HEALTH INC12/16/2022$23,500,000.00
8/10/2023NEW ORIENTAL EDU & TECH GROUP INC.,10/26/2021$3,150,000.00
8/9/2023LOGITECH INTERNATIONAL S.A. Fair Fund3/29/2022$5,000,000.00
8/7/2023WAGEWORKS, INC.,9/14/2021$30,000,000.00
7/31/2023CV SCIENCES, INC7/15/2022$712,500.00
7/28/2023SCIPLAY CORPORATION12/23/2021$8,275,000.00
7/26/2023IMMUNOMEDICS, INC.,12/6/2022$4,000,000.00
7/26/2023LIBERTY OILFIELD SERVICES INC9/16/2022$3,900,000.00
7/24/2023TEVA PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED5/17/2022$420,000,000.00
7/24/2023CREDIT ACCEPTANCE CORP12/2/2022$12,000,000.00
7/21/2023(EUROYEN) Laydon v. Mizuho Bank, Ltd. et al2/20/2018$206,000,000.00
7/21/2023(EUROYEN) Laydon v. Mizuho Bank, Ltd. et al3/3/2020$71,000,000.00
7/21/2023(EUROYEN) Laydon v. Mizuho Bank, Ltd. et al9/25/2018$30,000,000.00
7/21/2023OPHTHOTECH CORPORATION,7/6/2022$29,000,000.00
7/20/2023HARMAN INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIES, INC.,12/1/2022$28,000,000.00
7/20/2023FRANCHISE GROUP, INC3/22/2021$5,600,000.00
7/14/2023SCWorx Corp8/9/2022$3,300,000.00
7/13/2023AMC ENTERTAINMENT HOLDINGS INC2/28/2022$18,000,000.00
7/13/2023BOFI HOLDING INC10/13/2022$900,000.00
7/12/2023VALEANT PHARMACEUTICALS INTERNATIONAL, INC.,5/6/2020$1,210,000,000.00
7/11/2023THE REALREAL, INC6/28/2022$11,000,000.00
7/3/2023NIELSEN HOLDINGS PLC,7/15/2022$73,000,000.00
7/3/2023DEUTSCHE BANK AG2/7/2023$26,250,000.00
7/3/2023ALLIED NEVADA GOLD CORPORATION11/7/2020$14,000,000.00


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