Securities Class Action Cases: Quarterly Disbursed Claims – Q2-2017

By Jenn Rothenberg, VP of Marketing

In Q2-2017, there were 38 settlements with over $3.84 billion of settlement funds for distribution, an increase of over 300% from the $944m distributed in Q1-2017. For more information, contact your Financial Recovery Technologies representative or email us.

Top 5 Recently Settled cases in Q2-2017 (in terms of settlement fund value)

  • Salix Pharmaceuticals ($210m)
  • Computer Sciences Corporation ($190m)
  • Novastar Mortgage ($165m)
  • Halliburton ($100m)
  • L-3 Communications Holdings ($34m)

Top 5 Disbursed Cases in Q2-2017 (in terms of settlement fund value)

  • Household International ($1.5b)
  • AIG ($970m)
  • Indymac Mortgage Backed ($340m)
  • HCA Holdings ($215m)
  • Bank of New York Mellon ($180m)

Q2-2017 Disbursed Cases

Disbursement DateCase NameClaim DeadlineSettlement Fund
6/27/2017FUQI INTERNATIONAL, INC.4/21/2015$7,500,000.00
6/21/2017LONGTOP FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED11/10/2015$2,300,000.00
6/15/2017BRIDGEPOINT EDUCATION, INC.4/27/2016$15,500,000.00
6/12/2017BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION9/29/2016$140,000,000.00
PROSPECT MEDICAL HOLDINGS, INC.3/22/2016$6,500,000.00
6/6/2017MEDBOX, INC. 6/1/2016$1,850,000.00
6/6/2017NETSOL TECHNOLOGIES, INC.6/13/2016$850,000.00
6/5/2017 INDYMAC MORTGAGE BACKED1/28/2015$340,000,000.00
6/2/2017ACCRETIVE HEALTH, INC. 7/6/2016 $3,900,000.00
6/2/2017AEROPOSTALE INC. 6/20/2014$15,000,000.00
5/31/2017 GLOBAL GEOPHYSICAL SERVICES, INC.12/21/2015$5,300,000.00
5/30/2017 EXIDE TECHNOLOGIES7/19/2016$14,750,000.00
5/30/2017EXIDE TECHNOLOGIES7/19/2016$14,750,000.00
5/26/2017STERLING CHEMICALS, INC.1/9/2017$17,500,000.00
5/26/2017VIROPHARMA, INC.9/21/2015$8,000,000.00
5/25/2017JINKOSOLAR HOLDING CO., LTD1/12/2016 $5,050,000.00
5/24/2017POLYCOM, INC.8/23/2016$8,000,000.00
5/22/2017BARCLAYS PLC3/21/2016$14,000,000.00
5/17/2017AUDIENCE, INC.3/30/2016$6,050,000.00
5/15/2017INSYS THERAPEUTICS, INC.10/28/2015$6,125,000.00
5/15/2017ORTHOFIX INTERNATIONAL N.V.4/16/2016$11,000,000.00
5/12/2017YONGYE INTERNATIONAL, INC.5/2/2016$6,000,000.00
5/10/2017WALTER ENERGY, INC. 5/9/2016 $25,000,000.00
5/10/2017URBAN OUTFITTERS, INC.10/24/2016$8,500,000.00
5/3/2017VIOLIN MEMORY, INC.8/5/2016$7,500,000.00
5/2/2017HOME EQUITY MORTGAGE TRUST5/5/2016$110,000,000.00
5/1/2017 HOUSEHOLD INTERNATIONAL, INC.5/24/2011$1,575,000,000.00
4/28/2017TOWER GROUP12/28/2015$20,500,000.00
4/21/2017ERICKSON INCORPORATED11/10/2016$18,500,000.00
4/17/2017HCA HOLDINGS, INC.4/26/2016$215,000,000.00
4/14/2017TRIAD GUARANTY, INC.3/21/2016$1,600,000.00
4/12/2017LIBERTY SILVER CORPORATION6/23/2015$1,000,000.00
4/11/2017BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON CORPORATION 12/11/2015$180,000,000.00
4/11/2017SUNTECH POWER HOLDINGS COMPANY LTD.4/5/2016$5,000,000.00
4/10/2017WEATHERFORD INTERNATIONAL LTD.8/19/2014$52,500,000.00
4/6/2017HOUSTON AMERICAN ENERGY CORPORATION7/30/2015$7,000,000.00
4/5/2017MODEL N, INC.3/28/2016$8,550,000.00
4/5/2017DVI INC.6/12/2015$2,200,000.00
4/3/2017AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP, INC.5/5/2015$970,500,000.00

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