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Industry News
Securities class action settlements in Australia hit record; Climb predicted to continue elsewhere
Case Spotlight
$6 Billion Suit Against RBS May Shake Up Securities Litigation in UK
The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) may have thought they were scot-free of securities class action litigation after the U.S. Supreme Court...
FRT Insights
Public pensions take the reins as lead plaintiffs in securities class actions
Does cash rule all or is it duty to their customers that is driving pensions to take the lead in class action litigation? Last year,...
Industry News
Mega-settlements drive 100% growth in total securities class action settlement amounts
While the number of securities class action settlements hit a fourteen-year low in 2012, the total amount of settlement dollars...

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Industry News
Supreme Court reverses course in regards to securities class actions
Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court came to a long-awaited decision that could affect the course of future securities class actions. In...
Press Releases
Merck settlement of $688 million is among top securities class actions of all time
Merck & Co. has agreed to a combined $688 million dollar settlement regarding two securities class actions against the company and...