FRT Global Group Litigation Assists Institutional Clients With Complex International Claims Recovery Services

FRT Global Group Litigation is an information and research practice that complements FRT’s existing global class action recovery capabilities and expands its international reach. FRT Global Group Litigation is designed to meet the growing demand for research and analysis on non-US settlement recovery opportunities by providing analysis and facilitation of potential recoveries from non-class action settlements for institutional investors.

Financial Recovery Technologies has been serving institutional clients with international class action claims recovery since its inception. In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court decided in Morrison V. National Australia Bank that international claims must now be filed in the court system in their country of origin. That decision has significantly complicated the landscape of international claims recovery and will likely increase the number of group actions in jurisdictions that utilize a variety of legal mechanisms other than the traditional class action litigation.

“The Morrison decision has dramatically changed the global landscape for claims recovery,” said Robert I. Adler, president of FRT. “Specialized guidance on international filings within each country along with expertise in each country’s distinctly different legal requirements and processes is critical to successful claims settlement.”

FRT Global Group Litigation is a suite of services designed to assist institutional investors in navigating non-class action style group securities litigation. FRT has a team of claims recovery professionals with the insight, relationships and expertise to assist in successful international claims recovery for institutional clients, including:

Analyzing trading history for relevant transactions
FRT has developed a suite of proprietary technology tools used to determine a client’s eligibility for participating in Non-US settlements. At your request, FRT will employ its world-class transaction analysis tools in order to identify transactions in the relevant trading period, and calculate economic losses where appropriate. In the event that further scrutiny is required, FRT has a talented and dedicated team of analysts and technologists able and willing to bring you the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not to participate.

Coordinating with litigation organizers in different countries
FRT has cultivated a global network of privileged relationships with attorneys, litigation funding companies and investor services groups in a number of jurisdictions. We are able to leverage this network so that our clients are in contact with the relevant organizing parties anywhere in the world. As cases of interest arise with new third parties, FRT will initiate contact and coordinate the interaction so that information about the case and your options within the jurisdiction are readily communicated.

Supporting processing and submitting of transactions
FRT can assist with the processes necessary to participate in Non-US securities litigation. This typically will include presenting the litigation organizer with your transaction history. Since FRT has each client’s trading history accessible in normalized format within its database, we are perfectly positioned to supply all preliminary data in the most useful way to the organizer. With this information, the organizing party can evaluate your claim to determine whether your damages are well-represented by the litigation being proposed.

Researching specific case and jurisdiction requirements
FRT has built a substantial knowledge-base of information about the mechanisms available to damaged investors in foreign jurisdictions, including a library of case and country profiles. We have also developed a database of known group securities lawsuits in many jurisdictions. Clients can engage FRT to perform custom research about a particular jurisdiction or case of interest. Whether you are using the information to evaluate your options for seeking recourse in another country, or looking for the details of a specific case, FRT brings a talented team of researchers to deliver the information you need.

Adler continued, “We’ve established a separate, focused practice area to keep our institutional clients informed, educated, and connected to critical resources in relevant international markets. These clients increasingly look to us for our expertise in this emerging global area as they become more aggressive in their fiduciary responsibilities to maximize return for shareholders.”

Learn how FRT Global Group Litigation can monitor, identify, analyze and maximize recoveries in non-U.S. actions.