Why FRT Is Different

FRT is the leader in securities class action claims recovery. Our best-in-class recovery services are distinguished by:


  • Disruptive tech business with a proven track record of being first to market with comprehensive coverage of Global, Antitrust, and Appraisal Rights cases.
  • As the industry has evolved, so has FRT. We’ve experienced over 50% growth for the past three years and are the leaders in class action recovery with over 70 employees, 600+ clients.


  • Purpose-built technology that automates back-end processes such as claims identification, filing, and recovery and allows us to concentrate our expertise on value-added services
  • Pre- and post-analysis to automatically calculate recognized loss and reconcile payments to maximize client returns
  • Continuous investment in our Information Security – tried and tested by our clients including the largest custodial banks, hedge funds and pension funds.


  • Unbiased information, analytics and consultative services to help you make informed decisions, reduce risk and drive Alpha.
  • Dedicated in-house legal and research teams built to lift hours and hours of work into actionable information and comprehensive alerts.
  • Domain experts in the rising litigation of Global and Antitrust opportunities – tracking 40+Antitrust cases; tracked to date  130+ Global cases across every relevant jurisdiction.


  • Seasoned leadership team in the financial services industry.
  • World-Class Service team of 30+ client service and operations individuals dedicated to claims filing and recoveries. Read our case studies.

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