FRT Buyouts

Evaluate, quantify and monetize the value of your
expiring fund’s class action claims

Realize value today for settlement recoveries that normally take years to pay out.

Securities class action claims represent meaninngful value for a fund in any stage of existence. For funds that have decided to close or are in liquidation, FRT is able to monetize the value of a liquidating fund’s class action claims and offer the fund a fair price for ownership of those claims.

Sell off your current and
future class action claims

Efficiently wind down the fund and
return maximum capital to your LP’s.

Monetize the asset now
with minimal work and no
future obligations.

FRT Buyouts Key Benefits

Receive cash by selling the rights to class action claims.

Save the fund from the burden that future recoveries can present for a closed fund.

Benefit shareholders by delivering real value for unrealized potential future recoveries.


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