Financial Recovery Technologies to Power GRAHM Capital Recovery Group

GRAHM Clients Gain Access to FRT’s Operational Expertise to Maximize Claims Recovery Efforts

BOSTON, MASS, (July 10, 2012) – Financial Recovery Technologies LLC (FRT), a leader in class action settlement recovery, today announced a partnership with GRAHM Capital Recovery Group, LLC (GRAHM) to provide recovery services to the GRAHM client base. FRT will provide the processing infrastructure and operational service and support for GRAHM’s 30+ claims recovery clients. GRAHM will continue to sell claims recovery services in the market using a “powered by FRT” approach. Utilizing proprietary technology and processes backed by state-of-the-art data security, the FRT process identifies eligibility, files claims, and collects more funds than an investor can typically recover on their own.

“After evaluating the merits of an outsourced solution compared to our ongoing infrastructure expenditures, GRAHM determined that the most efficient solution would be to partner with FRT and leverage their expertise,” said James Wolfe, president and chief executive officer of GRAHM Capital Recovery Group. “We reviewed multiple options and found that FRT was best-in-class in providing a comprehensive recovery solution. We’re confident that our valued clients are in good hands with FRT.”

“We welcome the GRAHM clients to FRT and look forward to working with GRAHM for many years to come,” said Rob Adler, president of FRT. “We believe we offer the most comprehensive range of securities class action filing services available, and we’re committed to providing the same level of high quality service that all our clients enjoy.”

About GRAHM Capital Recovery Group
Since 2008, GRAHM Capital Recovery Group has offered administration and recovery services for class action settlements to broker/dealers, hedge funds, family offices, and high net worth individuals, helping clients maximize the number and value of their settlement awards. For more information, go to

About Financial Recovery Technologies
Founded in 2008, Financial Recovery Technologies LLC is a technology-based services firm that helps investors collect funds made available in securities class action settlements. The firm offers expertise in eligibility analysis, claims filing, disbursement auditing and client reporting. Financial Recovery Technologies provides a proprietary turnkey solution that allows its clients to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities with transparency and accuracy. Financial Recovery Technologies is a Cross Country Group company ( For more information, go to

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