FRT Partnerships


Our Partners

FRT is proud to partner with companies that deliver services and technology integrations that expand the value and capabilities of FRT’s comprehensive suite of services to help investors address the growing complexities of the global securities and shareholder class action landscape. From custodian banks and fund administrators to platform providers and portfolio analytics systems – tap into our global resources and capabilities.

Why Partner?

Your firm benefits from FRT's strategic alliance program through the continued collaboration and investment that both firms make in simplifying the implementation, workflow and ongoing support of our class action solutions.

  • Automate the complex, multi-source class action data on behalf of your clients
  • Access expertise in shareholder class action monitoring and recovery
  • Enhance your customers existing governance, controls and protocols

Delivering Efficiency & Risk Management

Monitoring, filing and recovery services from Financial Recovery Technologies enable firms to manage and automate securities claims and maximize their recoveries.

Automated class action filing and recovery

Our solution improves claim speed, accuracy and results, while mitigating risk

Fast data retrieval, loading and analysis

Reduced workload and easy access to transaction histories enables proactive identification of eligibility, monitoring and filing

Frequent, detailed status reports

Audit trail on all eligibility, claims filing and recovery activity, including payment reconciliation

Expertise across industries & jurisdictions

In-house legal and research resources dedicated to class actions and antitrust litigation across the globe

Comprehensive information

Data from multiple class actions and settlements ensures clients do not miss opportunities for recovery

Actionable insights

Clients are alerted to every claim opportunity

Industry-leading client portal

Comprehensive information on every case and claim is delivered through FRT’s portal

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