About FRT

Financial Recovery Technologies (FRT) is a leading technology-based services firm that helps institutional investors identify eligibility, file claims and collect funds made available in securities class action, global and antitrust settlements. Offering the most comprehensive range of claim filing and monitoring services available, we provide best-in-class eligibility analysis, disbursement auditing and client reporting, and deliver the highest level of accuracy, accountability and transparency available.

Our Values

Client Service
We strive daily to provide the highest level of customer service and exceed our clients’ expectations. What is best for the client is what is best for us.

Data Security
Security is of paramount importance – and we have established certified processes to protect our clients’ proprietary information. Learn more about our policies.

Using our proprietary technology platform, we are able to recover more for institutions than they are able to recover on their own. We rigorously maintain a global database of class actions to help ensure your firm never misses an opportunity to recover funds.

Our pricing structure is straightforward. Reports are customized to meet clients’ needs. It is important to all of us at FRT that we are clear about what we do and how we do it.

Claims filing is difficult and tedious – which is why most companies fail to effectively file. Our platform was built to meet the requirements of the claims administrators, creating accurate and complete claims forms.

FRT is a Cross Country Group (CCG) company. Founded in 1972 and privately held, CCG and its member companies provide best-in-class technology-enabled service programs across a broad spectrum of industries, including automotive, insurance, and financial services. CCG’s companies serve hundreds of corporate clients and their 75 million customers each year.


We’ve helped numerous firms just like yours uncover funds and meet their fiduciary requirements with our turnkey class action claims services:

  • Founded in 2008
  • Over 600 clients
  • Claims filing for over $28 trillion in assets under management
  • Provider of choice for leading hedge funds, asset managers, investment managers, pension funds, mutual funds, sovereign wealth funds, global custodians and regional banks