Best-in-Class Recovery Services

Singularly Focused on Maximizing Recoveries

Comprehensive Monitoring and Claims Filing Services


Financial Recovery Technologies is singularly focused on providing investors with solutions that address the growing complexities of the securities class action landscape. Putting it simply, we make sure our clients understand what’s going on with securities litigation and how to make sure they maximize their recoveries with better monitoring, filing, and recovery practices.

Ten years ago, FRT was born with the idea that through technology and focus we could build a better mousetrap. Over the last ten years, that’s exactly what we’ve done. With over 140 employees and an incredible roster of clients, FRT has grown from a hungry upstart to the leading shareholder class action monitoring and recovery provider.

More than 900 firms rely on FRT for their class action recovery

Over 900

Global Customers


Customer Retention Rate

Over 3,000

Settlements processed

300,000 – 400,000

Claims filed every year

1.6 Billion

Transactions/holdings monitored

What we do

Financial Recovery Technologies is a leading technology-based services firm that helps institutional investors identify eligibility, file claims and collect funds made available in shareholder class action, global and antitrust settlements.

FRT is singularly focused on providing best-in-class monitoring and recovery services. Our comprehensive suite of solutions includes U.S. Claims Filing, Global Litigation, Antitrust, Litigation Monitoring, and Buyouts. We not only manage the process from end-to-end, but our business is uniquely built to allow us to meet the ever-changing landscape to provide best-in-class services to meet our clients’ needs including:

  • Best-in-class eligibility analysis, disbursement auditing, and client reporting
  • The highest level of accuracy, accountability, and transparency available
  • Investments in our infrastructure, security, and software development

Financial Recovery Technologies currently provides services to over 900 institutional clients, representing over $30 trillion in total assets under management. FRT’s client base consists of hedge funds, investment managers, mutual funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, broker-dealers, endowments, corporate pensions, public pensions, regional banks, and global custodians.

Examples of how we maximize recoveries for our clients

Significant recoveries after receiving no recoveries from competitor

FRT recovered over $1.8MM for our client in their first three years after switching.

Numerous missed filings by a competitor

FRT was able to file for the missed cases leading to over $1.4MM in recoveries.

Substantial amount recovered from incomplete filing

FRT was able to determine the client was owed additional dollars from incomplete filing and was able to increase the total amount recovered for the client from $71K to $190K.