2016 Year In Review – Global, Antitrust and U.S. Securities Class Action Trends

Institutional investors have moved beyond traditional securities litigation efforts to focus on damages from antitrust violations and non-U.S. jurisdictions, according to research from Financial Recovery Technologies (“FRT”), a leading securities class action recovery services provider.

2016 Year-In-Review Research Highlights

  • There was a record number of global opt-in actions filed in 2016, with 43 new actions in nine different jurisdictions; nearly a 56% increase year-over-year
  • Marked by the $1.2 billion Fortis settlement in March of 2016, Dutch Foundations have emerged as a mechanism to resolve pan-European matters, including Volkswagen, Petrobras and FOREX
  • Cost and complexity are still the determining factors for institutions’ involvement in global litigation, leading to rapid increases in activity in “no-risk” jurisdictions like Australia, that reflect U.S. claims filing


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