[VIDEO] FRT joins FOX Talk Business 360 to Discuss Our Best In Class Recovery Services

By Allison Gosman, Senior Marketing Specialist, Financial Recovery Technologies

Financial Recovery Technologies’ CEO Rob Adler and Mike Lange, Securities Litigation Counsel, discuss our comprehensive monitoring and claims filing services on FOX Talk Business 360.

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Financial Recovery Technologies on Talk Business 360

FOX: Next up we speak to the leader in securities class actions claims recovery. Financial Recovery Technologies (FRT) works with the largest equity investors in the world. Here to tell us more about their best in class recovery services are CEO Rob Adler and Mike Lange from FRT’s Securities Litigation Counsel. Let’s begin here. Can you give us an overview of Financial Recovery Technologies?

RA: Financial Recovery Technologies is singularly focused on providing investors with solutions that address the growing complexities of the securities class action landscape. Putting it simply, we make sure our clients understand what’s going on with securities litigation and how to make sure they maximize their recoveries to better monitoring, filing, and recovery practices. Ten years ago, FRT was born with the idea that through technology and focus we could build a better mousetrap. Over the last ten years that’s exactly what we’ve done. With over 75 employees and an incredible roster of clients, FRT has grown from a hungry upstart to the number one provider in our space.

FOX: What have been the keys to your success?

RA: I think there are four keys to FRT’s success. Number one, our expertise. We know every nook and cranny of this business. Number two, our technology. Three, our drive to innovate. Finally, our culture of client service, probably our number one feature. Just ask our clients. At the end of the day it is people that are truly the keys to FRT’s success. 

FOX: Finally, what’s impacting clients right now?

ML: We’re seeing a wave of claim filing opportunities and anti trust class actions that touch on investment instruments. These settlement administrations are so complicated that custodians won’t service them. We do. There’s more than $4 billion in escrow for just six matters. We’re also tracking more than 40 more in litigation. If you’re a fiduciary and don’t have a fling system in place, get one, soon. Within the next three months claims are due for the LIBOR, Euroyen, and Forex matters.

FOX: For more on our discussion and to get in touch with Financial Recovery Technologies, visit them online at frtservices.com.

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FRT’s comprehensive suite of services help investors proactively manage the vast number of class action claims, fulfill fiduciary obligations and maximize recoveries. FRT’s recovery services turn the administrative burden of securities class actions into maximum returns for investors by managing the claim filing process from start to finish.

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