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Customer Service Success: FRT Identifies Claims Administrator Error – Rejected Claim to Yield Recovery
After submitting a claim on behalf of a client for a case against SunPower Corp., FRT received a rejection letter from the claims administrator stating the submission had no recognized loss. After being prompted by our claim filing system as to a discrepancy between our loss calculation and the administrator’s rejection, one of FRT’s Operations Associates verified the client’s claim Continue Reading...
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The hidden value of securities class action merger cases
When it comes to securities class actions involving a merger case, it’s not always “what you see is what you get.” Merger cases are often affected by different rules than more traditional class action litigation, specifically how the plans of allocation are dictated in merger/acquisition cases. In addition to that, the way a firm’s data is perceived impacts their potential Continue Reading...
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Which cases are worth responding to?
In speaking with prospective clients, we often hear them say “the only people who get any real money from class action lawsuits are the law firms”, incorrectly concluding that there is no “real money” for the average claimant. Unfortunately, they are sometimes right, and at other times they are  way off. So, how does one know which cases are the Continue Reading...
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