Unbiased analysis and participation assistance for private litigations and opt-out opportunities

How are you identifying and evaluating private actions?

Private shareholder litigation has proven to be a source of significant value for investors. Investors that were damaged in a particular case may not fully benefit from remaining a member of the class and passively filing a claim. Pursuing a private action may allow you to maximize your potential recovery, but opting out does not come without challenges: identifying and evaluating possible private actions, meeting a minimum loss threshold to participate or having the time to sift through a myriad of opportunities from multiple and competing of law firms.

FRT Opt-Out Monitoring is designed to meet the changing landscape of shareholder litigation by providing analysis and participation assistance for private litigations and opportunities to opt-out of a settled class action.

Stay Informed of your Opt-Out opportunities

FRT’s class action experience and expertise help investors make informed decisions and support them from beginning to end:

  • Notification of proprietary opportunities and loss analysis provided
  • Better manage solicitation from plaintiffs attorneys
  • Reduced attorney fees and “most favored nation” rates
  • Interact with organizing law firms on your own terms
  • Potential to increase recovery versus passive claim filing

FRT's Opt-Out Monitoring Process

FRT's Opt-Out Monitoring service consists of a monitoring and research element paired with data analysis and participation support: