Securities Class Action Cases: Quarterly Disbursed Claims – Q3-2019

In Q3-2019, over $918 million of settlement funds were distributed, across 18 settlements, a 65% increase from Q2-2019. For more information, contact your Financial Recovery Technologies representative or email us.

Top 5 Recently Settled Cases in Q3-2019 (in terms of settlement fund value)

  • Sunedison, Inc. ($74m)
  • Endo International, Plc. ($50m)
  • RH, Inc. ($50m)
  • Sandisk Corp. ($50m)
  • Devry Education Group, Inc. ($27.5m)

Top 5 Disbursed Cases in Q3-2019 (in terms of settlement fund value)

  • General Motors Company ($300m)
  • Clovis Oncology, Inc. ($142m)
  • Lendingclub Corporation ($125m)
  • Amgen, Inc. ($95m)
  • Manulife Ontario ($69m)

Q3-2019 Disbursed Cases

Disbursement DateCase NameClaim DeadlineSettlement Fund
7/1/20109ALLIED NEVADA GOLD CORPORATION10/14/2017$5,875,583
7/9/2019BANCORP, INC.1/13/2017$17,500,000
7/12/2019AMGEN, INC.12/23/2016$95,000,000
7/12/2019SYMBOL TECHNOLOGIES11/29/2018$15,000,000
7/15/2019TIBET PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.1/11/2016$14,000,000
7/19/2019BANCORPSOUTH, INC.8/23/2018$13,000,000
7/25/2019CLOVIS ONCOLOGY, INC.12/11/2017$142,000,000
7/29/2019GLOBAL EAGLE ENTERTAINMENT, INC.1/18/2019$1,100,000
7/31/2019GENERAL MOTORS COMPANY4/27/2016$300,000,000
8/2/2019PLATINUM AND PALLADIUM-$67,153,571
8/12/2019OPUS BANK7/10/2018$17,000,000
8/15/2019ARIAD PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.4/26/2018$3,500,000
8/23/2019NUVASIVE, INC. 10/23/2018$7,900,000
8/26/2019STRAIGHT PATH COMMUNICATIONS, INC.8/2/2018$9,450,000
8/26/2019SUNRUN, INC.3/4/2019$2,500,000
8/20/2019LENDINGCLUB CORPORATION6/25/2018$125,000,000
9/6/2019UTI WORLDWIDE, INC.12/18/2018$13,000,000

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