Securities Class Action Terms & Definitions

Claim Notice
A notice sent out by the claims administrator that gives a history of the case and the context of why the case was settled.

Claims Administrator
The firm chosen to determine the eligibility and amount of claims and to distribute the settlement fund.

Class Period
The court decided date range that establishes if you are eligible to file a claim. Normally you need to have purchased or acquired a security in question during this time frame.

Cross Country Group (CCG)
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Exclusion Deadline
An investor must opt-out of the class by this date in order to be able to directly file a lawsuit against the defendant.

Fairness Hearing
Process in which a judge reviews a proposed class action settlement to determine if the settlement is reasonable and just. This is also where the attorney’s fees are reviewed.

Filing Deadline
The date defined by the court for the filing of claims by class members. Any filing submitted after this date needs to be approved by the court.

Market Loss
The sum of the realized and unrealized loss during the time period that the class is being filed. This is not your total market loss for the security rather the market loss as defined by the plan of allocation.

Plan of Allocation
The court approved eligibility criteria which is the foundation for determining the value of a claim through the calculation of recognized loss.

Proof of Claim
A notice that is distributed by the claims administrator that instructs class members on the procedures of how to file an eligible claim.

Pro-Rata Payout Percentage
The total amount of recognized losses of all accepted claims for a particular case divided by the total net settlement dollars available for distribution.

Recognized Loss
The value of loss that is calculated based on applying the settlement rules described in each plan of allocation. This forms the basis for a claim’s distribution and is rarely equal to the actual economic loss. A recognized loss can oftentimes exist despite having an overall profit in the security.

Settlement Amount
The pool of funds to be distributed to the eligible class members that was agreed upon by the defendant and the representatives of the plaintiffs. These funds are allocated to class members based on the plan of allocation.