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ANTITRUST: Tracking 36+ Antitrust cases

  • Foreign Exchange (FOREX) Benchmark Rates Antitrust Litigation (+$2b settlement)
  • LIBOR-based Financial Instruments Antitrust Litigation ($120m settlement to date)
  • Euroyen-Based Derivatives Antitrust Litigation ($58m settlement)
  • Gold & Silver Fixing Antitrust Litigation ($98m settlement, combined to date)
  • ISDAfix Benchmark Rate Manipulations ($380m settlement to date)

Foreign Exchange (FOREX) Benchmark Rates Antitrust Litigation (+$2b settlement):

  • FRT has been actively monitoring the ongoing Foreign Exchange Benchmark Antitrust Litigation (FOREX). It’s an exceedingly complex case which will require FX data extractions over a long class period.
  • Given the scale of the FX market and length of the class period, we have augmented our existing expertise in class actions with experts who have decades of experience in FX trading and execution. In short, we have clients covered.

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