International Coverage

While the majority of the world’s securities class action settlements occur in the United States, the international scope of class actions is continuing to expand with countries that have never before allowed class action lawsuits slowly becoming more involved. For many companies pursuing international claims, a variety of obstacles makes filing difficult including:

  • Various county and country laws
  • Different mechanisms for group litigation
  • Lack of transparency and communication from international firms

Financial Recovery Technologies’ proprietary global database of pending, current and past securities class action lawsuits and settlements monitors all domestic and international class action claims. FRT can match institutional investors’ historical transaction data with those international claims through internal and third-party data sources.

For example, if your firm held positions of an international organization, FRT can identify and file for all eligible U.S. and international securities class action lawsuits, saving you the administrative hassles associated with international claims handling. Additionally, FRT’s settlement coverage includes mechanisms used in both domestic and international class actions, like opt-in class actions and collective class actions.

Our technology sets us apart from everyone else in the field. We utilize a web crawling algorithm designed to identify industry relevant trends published online, as well as detect changes on various industry websites, such as plaintiff law firm sites and litigation funding company sites. This process alerts FRT to new settlements and registration announcements on a global scale. Once we are alerted to these announcements, we can include them in our database’s eligibility analysis just as we would with any U.S. filing.