Case Studies

As you review the “client stories” detailed below, please note how the themes of service, technology, and our comprehensive world-class database emerge as the keys to these successes.

Significant recoveries after none from competitor for over two years

Prior Filing Strategy:  Third Party Competitor

FRT Success: A $2B investment manager had contracted with another service provider but after two years, had not recognized any recoveries. FRT performed an analysis to identify any potential missed claims. 12 cases past deadline were uncovered. FRT recovered those 12 cases resulting $600K. In total, FRT recovered over $1.8MM for the firm in its first three years as a client.

Claims accepted after numerous missed filings by competitor

Prior Filing Strategy:  Third Party Competitor

FRT Success:   A $7B hedge fund asked FRT to perform an analysis of its third-party provider’s service. FRT uncovered 15 cases that were not filed. Upon converting the client, FRT filed for the missed cases, which led to settlement recoveries totaling over $1.4MM.

Claims accepted well past filing deadline

Prior Filing Strategy:  None

FRT Success:   A $2B hedge fund became an FRT client well after the deadline of a particular case and the initial filing was rejected for being too late. After lengthy discussions with the claim administrator the claim was eventually accepted; however, once the administrator processed the claim the initial response was that it had no value. FRT challenged that assertion by detailing our recognized loss calculations, and succeeded in securing over $2M in recovered funds.

Substantial amount recovered from incomplete internal filing

Prior Filing Strategy:  Internal Process

FRT Success:  After analyzing a filing made internally by a $6B hedge fund, FRT determined the client was owed additional dollars. FRT submitted a filing and was able to increase the total amount recovered for the client from $71K to $190K.

Incorrect recovery from administrator increased by considerable amount

Prior Filing Strategy:  Internal Process

FRT Success:  The claims administrator issued our client, a $2.5B investment manager, a settlement check of $12.78. Our system immediately discovered this was incorrect. FRT was able to revert back to the claims administrator to substantiate our recognized loss calculation. The claims administrator agreed, and a check was re-issued for $192,913.

Errors and risks of custodian system identified

Prior Filing Strategy:  Custodian

FRT Success:   One of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds was uncertain of its custodian’s ability to adequately service its complex accounts. FRT was able to demonstrate its ability to reconcile historical trade files and accurately identify and track tax-free inter-account transfers. After analyzing the custodian’s past filings, FRT found the custodian misfiled in several cases. In one case, FRT applied its proprietary account lineage software and was able to increase the recognized loss from $7mm to $36M. FRT superseded the custodian filing and the administrator confirmed the rise in recognized loss and therefore the FRT filing generated a 500% increase in the client recovery.